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Capital gains and taxes on condo or single family home

Additional Information:  I am selling a multi-family property and buying a condo or single family. How does capital gains work in this situation? I will be using most of the proceeds for the other property except $50,000. ATTORNEY ANSWER: As attorneys, we encourage our clients to obtain tax information from a certified public accountant. Taxes […]

Who’s responsible for additional fees from FHA loan?

Additional Information: The closing attorney for the sale of my home in Sudbury was aware of the necessity to payoff my FHA loan by a certain time to avoid additional fees. The payoff was rejected by my lender because is wasn’t a “certified check, cashier’s check, or bank wire”, as required by the lender’s Payoff […]

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A simple home inspection may not be enough

A couple who purchased a condo in a building that turned out to be contaminated with toxic chemicals can recover only 65% of their losses, because they could have arranged an environmental inspection of the property before they bought it but didn’t do so, the Michigan Court of Appeals recently decided. The couple bought a […]

Do you have flood insurance?

Many people are surprised to discover that their standard homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover them in the event of a flood. If you want flood insurance, you generally have to buy a separate policy. Typically these policies are sold by private insurers, but are backed by the U.S. Government through the National Flood Insurance […]

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